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Bringing People Together with Events

Communities normally exist when people are united by a cause, want to celebrate a shared passion or to explore a…

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convention events for communities

How to get Sponsors for an Event

In 2019 event sponsorship is a common concept and a consideration for most event planners. If you are putting on…

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finding sponsors for events

Video Marketing For Events

Ever wondered if there was a more creative and engaging way to market your event? Video marketing can be just…

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video marketing at an event

Content Marketing for Events

Thinking about using content marketing to promote an event, but not sure where to start? Never fear, we’ve got you…

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content marketing for events

How to Put on a Literature Festival

The UK is famous for its literary festivals. We are lucky to have dedicated people and organisations with the passion…

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Gathering Books for a Literature Festival

15 Brutalist Architecture Instagram Accounts to Follow

Love the concrete? Barmy about the Breton brut? Brutalist architecture is a glorious coming together of uncompromising bulk and subtle…

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Exterior of the Institute of Education. Taken from the Institute of Education Archives

How to Start your Career in Event Management

If you’re looking for a job that’s full of creativity, variety and exciting opportunities, you may be considering event management…

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Starting your career in event management

Planning an International Conference

With international collaboration becoming more common, many event planners will be expected to organise at least one international event during…

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Couple Traveling by Train in 1912

How to use Facebook to market your events

So, you’re already well aware that you need to include social media event marketing in your strategy, but you’re just…

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Christmas party with cake

Major Donor Fundraising

How To Organise Major Donor Events to Attract & Retain High Value Supporters Attracting major donors to your cause is…

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major donor events for fundraising

How to produce a dance show

With the rise of dance competition TV shows more people are choosing to leave their sofas behind and go out…

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Ballet Performance

How to use Snapchat for event marketing

According to Snapchat’s CEO Evan Spiegel, more than 25% of UK Smartphone users are now on Snapchat. This makes it the third…

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Man Jumping In The Air Film Camera

How to encourage networking at events

Events and conferences are as much about networking (and socialising) as they are the sessions. Most attendees will only judge…

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14 Academic Conference Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Academic conferences are an essential part of academia. They remain the primary means for academics to exchange ideas, share new…

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sleeping attendee academic conference mistake

How to Organise a Film Screening

There are many reasons to organise a film screening or community cinema event; from gaining exposure for the film and…

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8 Ways to Cut Event Costs

Budgets are increasingly tight for event planners. It’s something we are all struggling with. Rather than feeling pressured into cutting…

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Surviving Short Lead Times in Events & Conferencing

  Time management for event planners   As an event planner you’ll be well aware that most clients underestimate the…

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Vintage Seaside Day Unicorn

Using LinkedIn for Event Marketing

If you’re organising a business conference or networking event, disregarding LinkedIn for event marketing could be a big mistake, especially…

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Lady using bell telephone

How to Run a Successful Meetup at Scale

Do you run a successful meetup group that you’re keen to grow into a larger event? Perhaps you started yours in…

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running a London meet-up

How to run a comedy night

With the comedy scene more popular than ever, there is an audience hungry to spend their time and money on…

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