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15 Brutalist Architecture Instagram Accounts to Follow

Love the concrete? Barmy about the Breton brut? Brutalist architecture is a glorious coming together of uncompromising bulk and subtle beauty.

And when it comes to getting your daily fix, Instagram is the place to go. The platform is thriving with fantastic brutalism accounts that celebrate the much maligned and misunderstood architectural style. We’ve made the job of finding them easier with this carefully compiled list of the best brutalist architecture Instagram accounts.

New Brutalism (Simon Phipps)


Why you should follow: Truly stunning black and white photographs of brutalist buildings from Simon Phipps.

What to expect: Sharp, greyscale images that expertly capture the beauty and elegance of brutalist architecture.

Typical hashtags: #brutalistarchitecture #brutallondon

new brutalism Simon Phipps Simon Phipps brutalism photography instagram




Why you should follow: Owen Calvert is a photographer with a fantastic eye for composition and a visible love for brutalist architecture. These playful, original takes on brutalism are what Instagram is all about.

What to expect: Innovative angles that capture UK brutalism at its dramatic monochrome best.

Typical hashtags:  #blackandwhitephotography #concretelove

Owen Calvert brutalist photography insta


Brutal Architecture


Why you should follow: A carefully curated collection that showcases the very best images from Insta users posting with the #brutal_architecture hashtag.

What to expect: A diverse collection of images, celebrating the finer details of some of the world’s foremost brutalist architecture. You can always try and feature on their Shot of the Day – the competition is fierce though!

Typical hashtags: #brutal_architecture #betonbrut

Brutal Architecture Instagram



Why you should follow: Britta puts her near-obsession with architectural photography down to the structures of Santiago Calatrava. Concretebodies showcases the interaction of shapes and materials, light and shadows, curves and lines in a spectacular way.

What to expect: A mixture of concrete brutalist and modernist architecture in dramatic and clean monochrome.

Typical hashtags:  #concrete #archilove #brutalistarchiecture

Barnabas Calder


Why you should follow: Author of Raw Concrete: The Beauty of Brutalism, there’s no better person to champion the Brutalist cause. This account is curated with love and care, showing the breadth and elegance of modernist architecture, both in the UK and further afield. The shots of Paul Rudolph’s Government Service Center in Boston are worth checking out.

What to expect: A mixture of modernist, brutalist and other architectural styles, ranging from close-up details to powerful widescreen vistas.

Typical hashtags:  #concretearchitecture #brutal_architecture #rawconcrete

Barnabas Calder instagram account architecture


Barbican City of London


Why you should follow: Informative, passionate and dedicated, this account is a visual feast that celebrates the various aspects of brutalist architecture.

What to expect: A variety of impressive images spanning brutalism’s roots in modernism to its manifestations in the 70s and 80s.

Typical hashtags: #brutopolis #architektura

barbican brutalist architecture insta account

Gregor Zoyzoyla


Why you should follow: The angles are dramatic, the concrete deliciously textured and the photography frequently immaculate – a must follow for fans of Breton brut.

What to expect: Professional colour photography capturing brutalist architecture around the world with an artist’s eye.

Typical hashtags:  #brutopolis #brutalism #sosbrutalism

gregor zoyzoyla best brutalism on instagram


This Brutal House


Why you should follow: Photographer Peter Chadwick continues his survey of brutalist architecture across the globe. This curated collection features some of the most powerful examples of Brutalist architecture as well as lesser known gems.

What to expect: A mixture of brutalist and modernist architecture gathered from across the web interspersed with design and art pieces.

Typical hashtags: #thisbrutalhouse

Instagram account This Brutal House

This Brutal Life


Why you should follow: A documentary style that captures several aspects of some of the UK’s best and lesser known examples.

What to expect: Mainly colour shots of brutalist architecture in the UK and sometimes Europe.

Typical hashtags: #thisbrutallife #sosbrutalism

this brutal life instagram account

The Brutal Artist


Why you should follow: Beautifully executed drawings, sketches and paintings of brutalist architecture – the precision and craft gives you a whole new perspective on the architecture it features.

What to expect: Expert renderings of much-loved British Brutalist architecture including a focus on the finer details.

Typical hashtags: #arqsketch #concretejunglers
brutalist architecture drawings on Instagram

Beton Brut (Kimberley Harris)


Why you should follow: As a practicing architect with a love of concrete, Kimberley’s interest in post-war high-rise buildings and the plight of social housing inspires her photography. ‘The beauty of many of these buildings can be found in their efficiency and the solutions they offered to immediate need. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.’

What to expect: Strong lines and a combination of textures in monochrome and colour.

Typical hashtags:  #brutal_architecture #brutalism #architecturelovers




Why you should follow: With an eye for angles and a proven ability to capture the unique details, there’s a lot to love about this photography account.

What to expect: Primarily black and white shots of UK brutalism with excellent composition. Always demonstrates a clear passion for concrete and dramatic textures.

Typical hashtags:  #betonbrut #brutalist #brutalarchitecture

duffmonkey instagram concrete photography

Brut Group


Why you should follow: A varied account that celebrates socialist architecture and monuments, including some fine brutalist examples.

What to expect: Not strictly brutalist, but an entertaining account that celebrates architectural features both internal and external, with a good helping of eastern bloc. 

Typical hashtags:  #BRUTgroup #SocMonumentalArt

brutgroup Instagram posts sample


Twentieth Century Society


Why you should follow: A champion of endangered C20 architecture, the Twentieth Century Society play a vital role in protecting our architectural heritage. Shining a light on bold buildings that are under threat, it is essential following.

What to expect: Modernist, post modernist and brutalist buildings in the UK – often under threat of demolition. There is plenty of information on the buildings featured and updates to their often dire situations.

Typical hashtags:  #c20society #findingbrutalism #brutal_architecture

C20 society at risk buildings on Insta

Not Really Obsessive


Why you should follow: An inspiration for many when it comes to architectural photography on Instagram, TJZ’s images are perfectly framed, sympathetic, and consistently manage to capture the essence of a wide variety of modernist buildings. He also runs (as a volunteer) the Twentieth Century Society account as featured above.

What to expect: Social housing, modernist and brutalist buildings in and around London. Photographs that are always striking, posts that always demonstrate a deep knowledge about the architects and their work.

Typical hashtags:  #brutalistarchitecture #socialhousing #estate

Not Really Obsessive Instagram

20 Bedford Way – Brutalist Event Venue in Bloomsbury

We also share pictures of our very own proudly brutalist building as well as our amazing venue spaces – so give us a follow 20 Bedford Way on Instagram too. You can also read our Guide to Brutalist Architecture in London and beyond or check out our Denys Lasdun timeline. If you have recommendations that we’ve missed – please let us know.

All use of images is designed for education purposes – if anyone objects to the use of their Instagram images please contact us and let us know.

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