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Event Sustainability

Our venue sustainability strategy empowers you to deliver first class events that are considerate towards our environment and its resources.

Having hosted hundreds of events over the years, we understand the collective impact that the events industry has had on our environment. Like many others in the sector, we have always viewed sustainability as a responsibility and not an option. At 20 Bedford Way, we take a multi-pronged approach to sustainable events to ensure that your events will have a positive impact on people and the planet.

As part of the UCL estate, 20 Bedford Way is governed by an ambitious sustainability strategy which includes the following targets to be achieved by 2024:

  • To become a net-zero carbon building
  • To become a single-use plastic free campus
  • To reduce waste per person by 20%
  • To become a net zero institution by 2030, this includes procurement food and travel

Whether you are seeking a venue for conferences, events, concerts or training events our venue and team is equipped to deliver your needs in the most sustainably responsible way. Click on the links below to see how your event will be sustainable.

Low carbon and eco-friendly catering services

To reduce the carbon footprint of our catering supply chain, we only use locally sourced organic produce. The menus that our chefs create include the very best seasonal items to minimise reliance on imported out-of-season foods. These high-quality ingredients travel shorter distances and promote the use of responsible organic farming practices. Our catering division has also taken part in the “Powered by Plants” initiative to offer 100% vegetarian meal choices to delegates and event attendees. As an event organiser this means that no matter the occasion, you can offer your attendees high-quality vegetarian meal options. Should you wish to include meat as an option on your menu, this can be requested during the booking process.

Reducing single-use plastics

As part of UCL’s 2024 commitment to be single-use plastic free, we replaced all single-use plastics from our delivered hospitality service with reusable crockery, cutlery and serving trays. This will save half a million disposables annually. We don’t issue plastic name tags at conferences or seminar events and encourage attendees to bring their own water bottles.

We use recyclable paper only

At 20 Bedford Way, we always use recycled paper when producing flyers, handouts, and name spaces. In the first instance, we encourage all our clients to consider going as paperless as possible whilst considering accessibility. Our use of recyclable paper for all event materials is a large part of our aim to reach a venue wide recycling rate of 85% by 2024.

Encouraging sustainable travel amongst your delegates

Our central Bloomsbury location is ideal for encouraging sustainable travel amongst event attendees. A proportion of the environmental impact associated with an event is the method of transport attendees use to get there. 20 Bedford Way is easily walkable and bikeable from most London locations, including major transport hubs. As part of the UCL Estate, there is adequate cycle parking and showers for attendees, see map here. This means that your attendees can take low carbon forms of transport, drastically reducing the impact of the event on the environment.

Do you need a special setting for your next event? 20 Bedford way is one of the most centrally located sustainable event venues in London. For more information on bookings and viewings contact our events team today.

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