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Film and TV

When it comes to film locations, 20 Bedford Way has done it all - Cold War, Soviet Block architecture, 1970s Britain! As well as being a unique London film location, it’s also an inspiring backdrop for music videos and photo shoots.

Brutalist aesthetic backdrop

Denys Lasdun’s grade 2* listed building at 20 Bedford Way has been controversial since it was opened in 1977 but it is one of the finest examples of Brutalist architecture in London. Its bold, block-like design and use of industrial style materials has provided a striking back drop for filming and photo shoots on many occasions in its past. The building is unique among British film locations and has unsurprisingly been popular as a London TV location over the years.


Why choose 20 Bedford Way as a film location?

Unlike some contemporary Brutalist structures, 20 Bedford Way offers a unique level of access as a filming location with stunning views across London from its roof spaces and signature exterior staircase towers. Combine this with dedicated service roads beneath the building, plenty of space for location vehicles, affordability, an ideal central location and a partnership with Film London and you’ll see why 20 Bedford Way is such a great choice as a film location in the UK.


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