• 20 Bedford Way

Attending an event?

There are many reasons why 20 Bedford Way is an ideal venue for your event, not least of which is its historic location and great travel links. We offer a wide range of services on site and here’s everything you need to know.

Our Staff

Our conference team, catering staff and our AV technicians are always on site during normal office hours but can support any event at any time with prior arrangement. The main reception desk on level four is staffed 24 hours a day throughout the year.


All halls and rooms at 20 Bedford Way are accessible and a managed evacuation process is available from areas on levels 1 and 3 of the building for persons with mobility impairment.

Areas of levels 4 to 9 feature horizontal means of escape and adapted facilities.

As visitor safety is a priority for us, you must inform us about anyone for whom special arrangements need to be made before we are able to confirm your booking.

Please contact Sharon Fisher, the Conference Centre Manager (sharon.fisher@ucl.ac.uk), for further information.

For detailed information about all our buildings please refer to our campus access guide.

Accessible parking

There is a blue badge parking bay for 3 cars outside 20 Bedford Way.

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Level 1

Crush Hall
Drama Studio
Elvin Hall
Jeffery Hall
Jeffery Hall Foyer
Logan Hall

Level 2

Service Road

Level 3

Clarke Hall
Students Union

Level 4

Committee Room 1
Committee Room 2
Committee Room 3
Committee Room 4
Main Entrance
Nunn Hall
Woburn Square

Level 5

Room 537
Room 539
Room 541

Level 6

Lawton Room
Room 603
Room 604
Room 639
Room 642
Room 654
Room 658
Room 675

Level 7

Room 709A
Room 728
Room 731
Room 736
Room 739
Room 744
Room 746
Room 770
Room 777
Room 780
Room 784
Room 790

Level 8

Room 802
Room 804
Room 822
Room 826
Room 828
Room 834
Room 836

Level 9

Room 936
Room 944

Travelling to 20 Bedford Way

For details on how to travel to 20 Bedford Way, please see How to Find Us.

In the area

20 Bedford Way is located in the heart of Bloomsbury – one of the most famous academic and cultural centres in London and offers a wide range of services as a result. In the streets surrounding 20 Bedford Way you can find coffee shops, restaurants and some of the most historic pubs in London as well as a wide range of shops including stationery and book shops, chemists and a wide range of independent and high street clothing stores.