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10 Types of Client You will Encounter as an Event Planner

In your career as an event planner you will have come across a whole range of clients. Most will be a pleasure to work with. Some less so. But as a professional, you always make the relationship work no matter what. Well done you!

We’ve rounded up the more common client types that you may have encountered. Share your stories with us via Facebook or Twitter.

Client Types & How to Deal with them


The Unsure Client

Hard to tie down to a decision, changing their minds regularly for no reason, flighty and fickle to the last, the unsure client needs you to take control. They can’t decide if they want cabaret seating or theatre-style; a finger buffet or a banquet; a live band or a keynote speaker. It’s up to you to make decisions, put them in writing and get them signed off. This way everyone will be happy.



The Grumpy Client

Nothing is quite good enough for this client. They are constantly moody and unenthused, even when you pull something spectacular out of the bag. Expect constant grumbles, occasional tuts, and a frown that never turns upside down.  Never fear though, beneath that tough exterior is a big softy.



The Impatient Client

With apparently no concept of how long things take and the pressures you are under, the impatient client wants things done NOW. You will be expected to drop everything to accommodate their requests. The best way to deal with this type of client is to remind them of time frames and schedules with regular email updates.



The Bargain Hunter Client

Budget-conscious and with a penchant for bargaining, this client will pinch every penny. Be prepared for them to encourage you to slash costs, cut deals, throw in extras in order to keep them happy. Dealing with a Del Boy can be disheartening: it’s all too easy to feel that they are undervaluing your skills and the effort you put in. However, stick to your guns and believe in your abilities. The best way to deal with this client is avoid bartering and lock in the exact budget and what’s included from the start.



The Demanding Client

They know what they want and they expect to get it. Forthright, blunt to the point of rudeness, the demanding client will make requests and expect you to jump. They tend to have a singular vision and be set upon it. With no respect for processes and protocol, they will interfere with your planning, contact you at all hours and not let up until they are wholly satisfied. Cross them at your peril!



The Excitable Client

Everything you say is exciting to this client. They will enthuse, wax lyrical, delight in the details as you share your plans for their event. Feed off their energy and make it your aim to get attendees as excited as they are about the event.



The Picky Client

You aim to please and pull out the stops to offer only the best possible options to your client. The crème de la crème of catering, flowers, lighting, entertainment – yet still none of them are quite right for the picky client. Colour schemes are off, promotional tweets are the wrong tone, the menu too plain or too ambitious, the music too uptempo. You have your work cut out but remain patient and remember it’s them not you.



The ‘Do-Whatever’ Client

Ultra-relaxed to the point of not seeming to care, so laid back they’re practically vertical, this client is more than happy to leave decisions to you. They are likely to refer to you as ‘the expert’ and say they trust your decisions completely. Client input and feedback are essential parts of event planning, so try to get them excited about the event and inspire them to contribute.



The Angry Client

Every now and again you get an angry client. There is very little you can do about it. If a problem materialises or if the client is simply having a bad day, you will see their angry side. Run for cover! Not really. When dealing with an angry client, it is vital you remain calm. Let them vent, listen carefully and then come up with a solution.



The Perfect Client

You and the perfect client just click. You share the same vision, have similar senses of humour, get on like a house on fire and bring out the best in each other. They appreciate your efforts; you appreciate their confidence in you to deliver. Congratulations you have found the perfect client. Keep them!



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If you have a difficult client or are experiencing stress as an event planner then read our guide to dealing with stress. It is written for event professionals by event professionals.


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