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10 Inspiring Event Planning Quotes

Sometimes you may find yourself in need of a little piece of inspiration, a nugget of common sense to spur you on in your time of need. This applies to the events industry as much as anywhere else so we decided to round-up ten event planning quotes from the wisest heads to inspire you.


Event Planning Quotes


For those using a screenreader here are the inspirational event quotes in full:


“Plans are nothing; planning is everything.”

Dwight D. Eisenhower

President Eisenhower knew all about the value of planning. Working in the events industry, we know just how important the process is too. By getting your team together to plan is a surefire way to ensure you deliver a winning event.


“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Benjamin Franklin   

Founding Father Franklin was supremely knowledgeable in a number of areas. Whether it was a science experiment or an act of diplomacy, he understood the need to be prepared. As event planners, preparation doesn’t guarantee success but my goodness it helps.


“To achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time.”

Leonard Bernstein

American composer Bernstein knew all about penning a stirring symphony. It appears he also appreciated that being pressed for time could yield fantastic results. Not having enough time is a fact of life for event planners, but it’s worth remembering that working to tight deadlines can actually help achieve greatness as opposed to ruling it out.


“Adventure is just bad planning.”

Roald Amundsen

Norwegian explorer Amundsen encountered some incredibly challenging situations in his successful attempts to reach both poles. His intrepid explorations of the planet’s most inhospitable places taught him the value of planning ahead. The challenges we face as event planners are somewhat less life-threatening, but thorough planning is still the way to go.


“It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

A powerful outspoken politician, Eleanor Roosevelt tirelessly pursued the causes she believed in. Key to her success was her ability to channel her energy into making things happen with a plan as opposed to wishing something into existence. In event management, we should always look to achieve the best for our clients by thinking big and creating a plan to realise our ambitions.


“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

Abraham Lincoln

The 16th president of the USA faced some monumental challenges in his tenure. His successes were based on this type of wisdom. As event planners, we need to focus on having the tools, processes and mechanisms in place that will allow us to deliver great events and not just focus on the execution on the day.


“To accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream. Not only plan but also believe.”

Anatole France

French writer Anatole France saw the value in nurturing creativity and the imagination. As much as planning is crucial to events, you also need to have confidence in your skills and encourage creative thinking at all stages. Being able to think outside of the box is often what delivers truly sensational events.


“Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning”

 Winston Churchill 

Churchill wasn’t one for worrying. He was a thinker and a planner, and a quotable one at that. It’s not always easy but if we can all focus on thinking and planning well in advance then the panic will diminish.


“Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning.”

 Thomas Edison

An inventor of the calibre of Edison knew that those Eureka! moments weren’t just luck – they were the meeting of opportunity and planning. In event management we can’t rely on luck either – success comes down to meticulous planning and seizing on any opportunities that present themselves.


“A man who does not plan long ahead will find trouble at his door.”


Chinese philosopher Confucius had the ability to distill big ideas into perfectly formed nuggets of wisdom. For those working in events, having a long-term plan is the best way of avoiding unwanted mishaps. They still happen, but a lot less often when a good plan is in place.



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