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When it comes to events, they don’t get much more momentous than arangetram. 

Arangetram is a very popular and important event, both for the performer and their proud parents. It is also a sacred cultural ceremony to be shared with family, friends and the wider community. As a source of great pride, it is vitally important that the arangetram is a success and a real celebration.

As Geetha Sridhar, a Bharatanatyam dancer and teacher in London, explains “Arangetram is a practice of immense and enduring value to the community, which will never be outdated.” She examines the social importance in her excellent piece on arangetrams in the UK.

It is no wonder then that a great deal of careful planning goes into an arangetram. Whether it is a Bharatanatyam dance, musical or vocal arangetram, there is a guru to choose, the costumes, the invitations, the catering, and of course, finding the right venue to consider.


Arangetram Venue

Your son or daughter’s arangetram is a major event in their life but it is also an important social occasion and cultural celebration. These factors can make deciding on an arangetram venue difficult. Our experienced team at 20 Bedford Way has hosted many arangetram events at our flagship theatre – Logan Hall. We have the knowledge to help you craft a perfect and memorable event.

As an arangetram events venue, 20 Bedford Way has hosted numerous arangetrams and we know how important it is that the big event goes without a hitch. Your son or daughter will have been practicing with their guru for countless hours and the last thing they want to worry about is the venue not being suitable.

Although it is more common for the Arangetram to be held between September and November, we host them all year around in our Logan Hall. We have a ‘green room’ where performers, musicians, gurus and any guests of honour can spend time preparing and focusing before the arangetram performance. We were proud to host an Arangetram with Guru Usha Raghavan who provides Bharatanatyam dance tutorials in London.


usha raghavan arangetram london

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Arangetrams in London at 20 Bedford Way 

Logan Hall is a unique space that offers all of the latest equipment including lighting, sound, and seating for up to 910 people at an affordable rate. Logan Hall is also a blank canvas, allowing you to decorate as you want, making it as lavish as your tastes dictate. It also makes sense as a practical choice for your guests, being located in central London close to many transport links. 20 Bedford Way’s Central London location means it is easily accessible by rail, tube and car. As Arangetram events continue to be popular in the UK among South Indian and Sri Lankan communities, we are proud to offer an ideal venue at evenings as well as weekends to meet your needs.


Bharatanatyam Teachers in London

There are a number of bharatanatyam teachers in the London area including Usha Raghavan and Beeja, and the excellent South Asian Dance charity Akademi is great for resources.


Call our team today on 020 7612 6143 to discuss your event requirements!


Featured Image is attributed to Sivavkm via Wikimedia Creative Commons.


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