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Here at 20 Bedford Way, we have experienced more than our fair share of buffets. From those we offer as part of our bespoke events catering to those that we’ve attended over the years at weddings, parties and functions. During this time, we have started to identify some clearly recognisable types of buffet eater. We have used this knowledge to create these ten profiles. Check them out and find out what type of buffet eater you are…

buffet types of eater damian daly



All illustrations by Damian Daly.


At 20 Bedford Way, our various ‘blank slate’ event venues and meeting rooms are available catered or stand alone. If you want to find out more about hosting an event at 20 Bedford Way including our bespoke catering options then call our team on 020 7612 6143 or fill out a free online enquiry form.



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